MG U Series

Natural draught airtight chamber

With its smoke evacuation system and air intake by means of an airtight system, MG fireplaces do not need to take air from the room for combustion, so that the atmosphere does not dry out or stagnate, and the installation is favourable in all types of homes.

Easy ignition and modulating control

The ignition is fully automatic by remote control. The fireplace can also be controlled by means of a hand control.

The gas flow to the burner can be regulated by means of the remote control, either by the thermostat function or by the user's needs, varying between anything and nothing. The Ecomax remote control provides a vivid image of the flame through the automatic variable flame regulator.

Double burner system

For times when a high heat output is not required, the double burner system allows only one part of the burner to be lit, thus obtaining a decorative flame with less heat input and saving up to 40% of the usual consumption. In this way, a decorative flame is obtained with a lower heat input, with a saving of up to 40% on the usual consumption (only available on DQ models).

Chimena a gas MG U

  • MG U Series
  • MG U Series

A further step in our commitment to sustainability

All Hergóm products have been redesigned to adapt to and comply with the European Ecodesign standard and the strictest international controls, far exceeding the minimum requirements in terms of performance, CO and particulate emissions.

By using wood as fuel in a highly efficient Hergóm stove, you will be contributing to a less polluted and more sustainable world.

More information about our ECODESIGN commitment >

Minimum Power i

Minimum Power
Minimum Power
2,6 - 3 kW

Maximum Power i

Maximum Power
Maximum Power
7,5 - 7,9 kW

Configuration and options

Technical specifications


Hogares de gas MG: limpios, cómodos y modernos
Hogares de gas MG: limpios, cómodos y modernos

Hogares de gas MG: limpios, cómodos y modernos

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