The warmth you want for your home

At Hergóm, we have a 60 years expertise in innovations to offer you the most advanced solutions in green heating with wood and biomass. Following the Ecodesign guidelines, we are committed to a complete redesign of all our wood-burning heating appliances, to guarantee maximum energy savings and minimum emissions of polluting particles.

Wood fireplace inserts

Heat your favorite home area with the range of Hergóm wood burning fireplace inserts Our fireplace inserts are the ideal solution to optimize the performance of your old open fireplace: equipped with convection blowersto distribute hot air through your living area; while you enjoy the view of the flames thanks to the Airwash system, that keeps the glass clean for long periods of time.

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insertables de leña
Chimenea de leña

Wood fireplaces

A safer and more efficient solution for your open fireplace. Easy to install in new construction or renovations, Hergóm wood-burning fireplaces offer great advantages over open fireplaces: with combustion control systems and a double chamber, they allow for a much more efficient heat. Choose between water heating models, convection models with silent forced ventilation, or suitable for airtight homes.

Our wood fireplaces

Free standing fireplaces

With a markedly decorative character, our free-standing fireplaces are designed for those who seek to give a contemporary touch of warmth to their living spaces. Original shapes, a spectacular view of the fire and many possibilities of installation make our contemporary free-standing fireplaces a great choice.

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Chimeneas metálicas

Gas fireplaces

Our range of fireplaces for homes with little space, or with limitations for the installation of wood-burning models. Enjoy the beauty of fire and the warmth of the flames with the efficiency and conveniency of gas with our MG range of gas fireplaces: a wide variety of models and shapes, with extensive configuration options, manufactured under the strictest safety measures in compliance with the EC standards.

Our range of MG gas fireplaces