On fire since 1959

We were born as a small family workshop, specialising in the manufacture of steel components for economic kitchens.

More than 60 years later, successive generations are still at the helm of Hergóm, which has become one of the world’s leading companies in the sector, with five manufacturing sites and operations in Europe and America, as well as an extensive national and international distribution network covering more than 40 countries.

Our firm commitment to continuous research, development and improvement of the energy efficiency of our products, with a clear preference for natural fuels, has consolidated our prestigious position in the international market for heating appliances for the home.

Origin of Industrias Hergóm


We started with a small workshop dedicated to the manufacture of steel components for gas, coal and wood cookers.

Establishment of foundry and enamelling plant


The production of economical cookers, cookers and fireplaces in cast iron begins.

First export and international distribution agreements


Our cast iron products transcend borders.

Hergom Mexico


New headquarters in Mexico D.F.

Hergom USA – Hearthstone


We acquired an assembly and design plant in the state of Vermont, from where we design and manufacture our US-Canada wood cookers.

We incorporate the double combustion system


We increased performance and minimised emissions of solid particles into the atmosphere, bringing to the market the cleanest and most efficient line of cookers of our time.

Obtaining ISO 9001


We certify the management system of the entire production process.

European Integrated Environmental Authorisation for pollution control and prevention


Creation of Biomass and Alternative Heating


We launched a new range, for which we purchased a manufacturing plant for domestic and industrial biomass boilers.


Acquisition of Nestor Martin


We are adding this Belgian brand of cookers and fireplaces to the group, with a manufacturing site in Couvin (Belgium).


Arrival of Ecodesign


We redesigned our entire catalogue to comply with current European environmental impact legislation: Ecodesign.


Cast iron masters

Our master foundries are experts in getting the most out of it to iron for the manufacture of wood heating products, an ideal material, both for its finishing possibilities and its high heat transfer capacity, as well as providing the unmistakable touch of elegance that characterises all our fireplaces, cookers and kitchens.

With cast iron, it’s all advantages:

  • Durability: cast iron offers outstanding heat resistance, enhanced by its construction without welding points, which prevents component wear.
  • Heat quality: cast iron appliances emit a pleasant, uniform radiant heat with high thermal inertia, which means that even after switching off, they continue to heat for a long time.
  • Design and finish: no matter what your style, our casting process allows for unique, detailed shapes to complement the decorative aesthetic of your home.

Ecological heat

Ourhistorical commitment to firewood and other biomasses makes more sense today than ever. Most of our heating appliances run on the most natural, renewable and “CO2 neutral” fuel available today: wood

During all these years, we have carried out a process of modernisation and improvement of all our products, achieving maximum energy efficiency and minimum emissions of CO2 and polluting particles.

At Hergóm, we are proud to contribute to ecological progress, with a completely renewed range, preserving the best of the cast iron tradition to create the wood cookers of the future.