Wood-Burning inserts: optimise the savings and efficiency of your open fireplace

Hergóm wood-burning inserts are the perfect solution for upgrading your open fireplace. Their configuration makes them ideal for installation in an existing open fireplace, or they can be installed in new construction. With this solution, you will still be able to enjoy the fire as usual, but with more safety, comfort and efficiency.

Double Combustion

The air supply system in the upper part of the combustion chamber incinerates the particles that are released from the wood when it is burning. This ensures a complete burning of the wood, which offers more heat with less consumption, protecting the environment and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Maximum distribution

Thanks to its tangential turbines with adjustable power, the hot air produced by our wood inserts is spread silently throughout the room, distributing the temperature quickly and evenly by providing a greater flow than conventional fans. In addition, all models have metal fairings with air outlets to channel the heat to adjacent rooms, by natural convection.

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