TBN Series

Choose the width

The TBN Series kitchens are adapted for installation on a masonry wall. Made of cast iron, we offer models in different widths: 86 cm (TBN 7), 100 cm (TBN 8) and 109 cm (TBN 9).

Oven and fittings

The large load capacity of its ovens is also noteworthy, in order to accommodate large containers, as well as the possibility of choosing the type of door (cast iron or glazed) and hardware (polished brass or chrome).

Configure the worktop

Hergóm's TBN open kitchen worktops are available in two depth sizes: choose between 60 cm. of workable glass ceramic or 55 cm. of worktop, which can be in polished cast iron or non-openable glass ceramic.

Serie TBN

  • TBN Series

A further step in our commitment to sustainability

All Hergóm products have been redesigned to adapt to and comply with the European Ecodesign standard and the strictest international controls, far exceeding the minimum requirements in terms of performance, CO and particulate emissions.

By using wood as fuel in a highly efficient Hergóm stove, you will be contributing to a less polluted and more sustainable world.

More information about our ECODESIGN commitment >

Configuration and options

Technical specifications


Descubre el nuevo catálogo de cocinas Hergom
Descubre el nuevo catálogo de cocinas Hergom

Descubre el nuevo catálogo de cocinas Hergom

Durante los últimos años, se ha llevado a cabo un proceso de modernización y perfeccionamiento, logrando que la nueva gama de cocinas cuente con la máxima eficiencia energética y la mínima emisión de CO2 y partículas contaminantes a la atmósfera.

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