Manchester wood stove

High heating power

With its large combustion chamber and large cast iron double body, the Manchester wood stove is perfect for heating large rooms.

The firebox of the Manchester stove functions as a convection chamber that allows warm air to circulate into the room. In this way, the Manchester stove heats in both a radiant and convection manner.

In addition, its interior soapstone lining collects heat and releases it slowly even hours after the flames go out, keeping your home comfortable for a long period of time on a single load of wood.

Environmentally friendly and efficient combustion

The Fire Perfected advanced double combustion system, by supplying air through a series of air supply tubes located in the upper part of the combustion chamber, allows the combustion of the particles that are released from the wood before they escape through the chimney, ensuring great savings in firewood and extremely low emissions.

Easy to load

With front and side wood loading doors, refueling the Manchester stove is easy and convenient.

Estufa Manchester

A further step in our commitment to sustainability

All Hergóm products have been redesigned to adapt to and comply with the European Ecodesign standard and the strictest international controls, far exceeding the minimum requirements in terms of performance, CO and particulate emissions.

By using wood as fuel in a highly efficient Hergóm stove, you will be contributing to a less polluted and more sustainable world.

More information about our ECODESIGN commitment >

Nominal Power i

Nominal Power
Nominal Power
12,5 kW

Maximum Power i

Maximum Power
Maximum Power
16,8 kW

Efficiency i

80,1 %

Configuration and options

Technical specifications


Estufa Manchester, diseño vintage para todos los ambientes
Estufa Manchester, diseño vintage para todos los ambientes

Estufa Manchester, diseño vintage para todos los ambientes

La estufa Manchester de Hergóm es una de las más llamativas de su catálogo. Su atractivo diseño vintage y su variedad de colores, marrón y crema, la convierten en un producto apto para cualquier decoración.
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