EB-1 SE wood stove

High heating capacity

The EB-1 SE wood stove brings the pleasure of fire into your home. A sturdy stove, with a steel body and large cast iron door, which radiates even heat for many hours.

Luminous fire

Thanks to its large glass front and its Airwash system of clean capital, the wood stove EB-1 SE offers a spectacular fire, making the flames the best show.

Clean and efficient combustion

The Hergóm EB-1 SE stove incorporates the double combustion system, to offer excellent performance and perfect operation with high yields, without harming the environment.

Estufa de leña EB-1

  • EB-1 SE

A further step in our commitment to sustainability

All Hergóm products have been redesigned to adapt to and comply with the European Ecodesign standard and the strictest international controls, far exceeding the minimum requirements in terms of performance, CO and particulate emissions.

By using wood as fuel in a highly efficient Hergóm stove, you will be contributing to a less polluted and more sustainable world.

More information about our ECODESIGN commitment >

Nominal Power i

Nominal Power
Nominal Power
8,4 kW

Maximum Power i

Maximum Power
Maximum Power
12 kW

Efficiency i

75 %

Configuration and options

Technical specifications


EB-1, una estufa de gran capacidad de calefacción
EB-1, una estufa de gran capacidad de calefacción

EB-1, una estufa de gran capacidad de calefacción

La EB-1 de Hergóm lo tiene todo. Es una estufa de leña resistente, gracias a su robusto cuerpo de acero y la puerta y el interior de hierro fundido. Materiales que favorecen que se irradie un calor homogéneo durante muchas horas.
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