E-40 wood stove

Resistant and efficient

The E-40 wood stove is entirely made of cast iron, which guarantees high resistance and optimal heat transfer. Its combustion chamber is resistant to high temperatures and impacts, and provides extraordinary performance thanks to its ability to accumulate and release heat.

Spectacular view of the fire

The E-40 model has a cast iron combustion chamber coated with white flux so that, being as resistant as ever, it brings out the brilliance of the fire as never before.

In addition, its large ceramic glass stays cleaner for longer thanks to the Airwash system, which directs a stream of air to the inside surface of the glass, preventing particles from sticking to it. This keeps the glass clear for continued flame viewing enjoyment.

Easy combustion control

The unique regulator of the E-40 stove allows precise and easy control of the combustion rate, allowing you to vary the heat output and fuel consumption. The tightness of the firebox ensures that no uncontrolled air enters the combustion, maximizing the response of the fire to the regulation.

Estufa E-40

  • E-40

A further step in our commitment to sustainability

All Hergóm products have been redesigned to adapt to and comply with the European Ecodesign standard and the strictest international controls, far exceeding the minimum requirements in terms of performance, CO and particulate emissions.

By using wood as fuel in a highly efficient Hergóm stove, you will be contributing to a less polluted and more sustainable world.

More information about our ECODESIGN commitment >

Nominal Power i

Nominal Power
Nominal Power
9 kW

Maximum Power i

Maximum Power
Maximum Power
13 kW

Efficiency i

79,2 %

Configuration and options

Technical specifications


E-30 y nueva e-40: interiores blancos
E-30 y nueva e-40: interiores blancos

E-30 y nueva e-40: interiores blancos

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