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At Hergóm, we have been growing alongside you for 60 years, developing the most advanced solutions in heating with wood and other fuels and promoting the maximum sustainability of such an ancestral tradition as heating ourselves with fire.

And we have always liked to keep you up to date, to tell you news about our cast iron products, to inform you about improvements that benefit our quality of life or that of our environment and to keep up to date with trends in the sector.

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Access and view the video presentations of the vast majority of our cast iron cookers, cookers and wood-burning fireplaces comfortably from any device.

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Catalogues and brochures

Hergóm catalogues are a collector’s item. Because we want to inspire you, we offer you our products already installed in environments where the warmth of the spectacle of flames is the predominant note, so that it is easy for you to imagine them in your favourite spaces.

And with all technical information detailed in a clear and transparent manner.

In this section you can consult and download the catalogues and brochures with all the series of cookers, fireplaces and wood-burning cookers currently available.

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