• Cares cook stove
  • Cares cook stove
  • Cares cook stove
  • Cares cook stove
  • Cares cook stove
Main features
Nominal heat output 11 kW Heating type Radiant Categorias Wood Cookers Collection Serie Classic
Other features
Other features
Fuel Wood
External air inlet Yes
Ash pan Yes
Grill elevator No
Technical data
Model Cares
EC Certification RRF 15 12 3058
Norm EN 12815 / BImSchV
Nominal heat output (kW) 11
Efficiency (%) 77,6%
CO emissions (13% O2 Vol. %) 0,06%
Weight (kg.) 225
Flue exit Trasera
Ø Flue exit (mm) 150
Minimum draft (Pa) 12
Average smoke temperature 260
Special features
  • Ash pan. Removable ash pans guarantee a clean and convenient disposal of ashes.

  • Air control. Combustion is adjusted by the primary and secondary air controls.

  • Ceramic glass. Able to resist intense heat and sudden temperature changes.

  • Double combustion. The double combustion system allows for a cleaner and more efficient burn, by injecting air into the firebox and re-igniting urburnt particles before they exit through the chimney.

  • Built in cast iron. Cast iron guarantees a high quality finish, high resilience and an optimal heat transfer.

  • Enamel finish. Enamel confers cast iron a high adherence protection, preserving it from external agents and ensuring an exceptional surface. The brightness of enamel remains intact in time, and the non-stick surface allows an easy cleaning.

  • Airwash glass cleaning system. Air currents sweep the inner part of the glass, keeping it free of dust and particles and offering a spectacular fire view.

  • Liftable cooktop. Ceramic glass cooktop to with enameled cast iron protection. The glass top is liftable to allow cooking on the cast iron or glass surface.

  • Oven in stainless steel.

Energy classification
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