Sere 100 2C
Main features
Nominal heat output 12 kW Heating type Radiant / Forced convection Categorias Insertables de leña Collection Serie Classic
Other features
Other features
Material Steel
Firebox material Steel / Vermiculite
Primary air control Yes
Secondary air control Venturi
Combustion remote control No
Double combustion No
External air inlet Yes
Ash pan Yes
Convection jacket Yes
Channeled air outlets 4
Blowers Yes
Blower speed control Yes
Blower remote control No
Safety thermostat 50º Yes
Paint finish Black
Technical data
Model Sere 100 2C
EC Certification EZKA/14/0158-1
Norm EN 13229 / BImSchV
Nominal heat output (kW) 12
Efficiency (%) 78,2%
CO emissions (13% O2 Vol. %) 0,26%
Maximum log length (mm) 700
Weight (kg.) 138
Flue exit Top
Ø Flue exit (mm) 200
Ø Air channeling exit (mm) 120
Minimum draft (Pa) 12
Special features
  • Air distribution. Steel jackets allow to drive hot air to near rooms through natural convection, distributing it to maximize the heated area.

  • Ash pan. Removable ash pans guarantee a clean and convenient disposal of ashes.

  • Air control. Combustion is adjusted by the primary and secondary air controls.

  • Ceramic glass. Able to resist intense heat and sudden temperature changes.

  • Airwash glass cleaning system. Air currents sweep the inner part of the glass, keeping it free of dust and particles and offering a spectacular fire view.

  • Convection blowers. Powerful and quiet blowers speed up circulation of convection air. Blower speed is adjustable. Blowers are equipped with a safety thermostat to prevent overheating.

Energy classification
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