Wood is a natural, renewable and "CO2 neutral" fuel.

Green heat

Wood is a natural, renewable and "CO2 neutral" fuel.

When you burn wood in a high efficiency Hergóm fireplace, the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere is higher than if it had followed its natural process of decomposition in the forest. The ratio of CO2 produced in the combustion is so low that the trees themselves absorb it through photosynthesis, transforming carbon back into wood. Contrary to what happens with fossil fuels, this absorption-release cycle can be repeated indefinitely, without producing an excess of CO2.

According to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, an increase in the amount of fuel from biomass would significantly reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on the planet. All products Hergóm are certified by the EC brand, which guarantees their performance in terms of efficiency and thermal values​​. Still, we work hard to overcome the strictest international controls, far exceeding the minimum requirements regarding performance, CO emissions and particles. 

By using wood as a fuel in a Hergóm hearth with maximum efficiency, you will be contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

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